Transport of time-critical and high-value cargo

Over the years, Schiepers Transport has gained extensive experience in transporting time-critical and high-value cargo. High-quality goods require a high-quality approach, which means nothing can be left to chance.

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Transporting time-critical goods

A promise is a promise and a deadline is a deadline. That goes without saying at Schiepers Transport, especially when it comes to high-quality goods. Our team and our equipment are always at the ready to transport machine parts, production parts and other materials. We deliver goods from the pick-up location to the final destination within the desired timeframe and with a keen eye for safety.

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Secure transport

Electronic equipment is a favourite target for criminals. With this in mind, we developed a special security policy for these and other theft-sensitive goods: we use special locks, we transport the goods in special hard-box trailers and we determine which safety measures to take in consultation with and tailored to our customers. This helps us minimise the risk of theft. We also use a track-and-trace system to monitor our vehicles throughout the journey.

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Air transport

In addition to operating on the road, we also contribute to streamlined transport by air. We oversee transfers between airports such as Li├Ęge Airport, Brussels Airport, Schiphol Airport Amsterdam, Charles de Gaulle Airport and Frankfurt am Main Airport. Thanks to our trailers equipped with roller conveyor systems, air cargo containers and pallets can be quickly loaded and unloaded.

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